About Me


I have been an artist for as long I could remember. I loved to paint with watercolors and sculpt as a child and teen. As an adult, I like to sew and quilt. But whatever the medium, I always look at my work with an artistic vision. I love Learning Design & Technology because I can be creative with my work. Facts and figures are compelling and can convey a message well enough themselves, but, to truly engage your audience and have your message make a lasting impact, one must have an artistic eye and creative spirit.



Master of Education in Learning Design & Technology

Winthrop University


Master of Business Administration

Winthrop University


Bachelor of Science in Business Administration

Winthrop University

This program prepares future Learning Design and Technology professionals to apply learning theory, design principles, technology, and skills to create equitable and effective learning materials.

AACSB accredited program. My MBA focus was on Human Resource Management including Advanced Human Resources Management and Labor Relations, Employment Law, and Growing and Developing Talent.

AACSB accredited program. I graduated with a concentration in Health Services Management.